About us

We are a charity who have for fifty years enabled disabled children and adults to benefit from horse riding, and working with horses for therapy, achievement and fun. This is made possible by a dedicated band of volunteers.

Where are we?

We operate from a purpose built arena near Jedburgh, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We have two large fields and two paddocks. The horses live out all year round. Our large indoor arena also includes a tack room and a warmed viewing area, where riders, parents, helpers and volunteers can watch the activities, and socialise.

What do we do?

RDA helps people in many ways. Physically, the movement of the horse both relaxes and strengthens the core muscles which are vital for everyday activities like balancing, standing, sitting and walking. We can also help children and adults with learning difficulties and autism. Approximately 50 children, and adults with a variety of disabilities attend each week.

How are we funded?

We are a small charity that relies totally on donations as we receive no funding from the government. Money is needed for feeding the horses and providing veterinary and other care, such as blacksmiths. We also have regular commitments for the maintenance of our fields and buildings. Any donation, however small, helps us to continue our work and would be gratefully received.