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History of the Border Group

The Border Group RDA started in 1968. Riding took place at four different centres, mostly out of doors, and helpers fetched and returned the children, driving many miles to do so.

It soon became apparent that indoor riding schools were a must for the winter and the group was lucky enough to be lent two privately owned covered schools at Menslaws and Dryden. Some of the ponies concerned were lent for the riding sessions, some bought and some presented by the Red Cross.

As time went on and costs increased, transport for the Border Group became difficult with the Riders being so far apart, so in 1976 it was decided to divide into two groups.

The Border group remaining at Menslaws and serving Hawick, Jedburgh and Kelso areas, while the new group named the Ettrickbridge and Dryden group would cover Galashiels and Selkirk areas.

In 1994, because the owners of Menslaws were retiring and moving house, we had to look for temporary accommodation. This we found on Bowhill Estate where we stayed until we found somewhere more permanent. Our more permanent site was to be on Monteviot Estate near Ancrum and by 1996, after lots of hard work fundraising, donations from many friends of the Border Group and help from the Lottery Sports Council we had raised over £100,000 and were able to build a brand new indoor arena. 

The groupís volunteers are dedicated to ensuring our participants receive a high standard of tuition but at the same time interact with others and have fun. The group is part of the curriculum in schools in the community. Organisers and instructors from the group meet with teachers and therapists to discuss which children would benefit from learning to ride.

Adults come individually and from colleges to ride. Some people come to ride as a therapy helping balance and strengthening weak muscles. Others come to learn Dressage and compete at group, regional or national level.

The Border group started with four children and borrowed horses, it now caters for some 50 adults and children and owns eight ponies.

                                      Registered  Charity  No. SC009696   'affiliated to the National Riding for the Disabled Association'

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